Published: 3/19/2020

Due to the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus), RIVM has announced measures necessary to contain the virus. In order to protect the health of you and our employees as well as possible we also follow these recommendations. This means that we also use a different working method and contact standards during this period. Below a summary of what to expect:

Orders via the webshop

For customers who order their products in our webshop, little changes, if all the materials you have ordered are in stock, they will still be shipped immediately. As long as the courier companies continue to drive, we will continue to ship!

When you order products with a delivery time stated, the delivery time can unfortunately sometimes differ. Suppliers are faced with understaffing due to sick staff, transport from the supplier to us may also be delayed due to understaffing and additional border controls.

We thank you for your patience!

Pick up products in the store

Collection of products remains possible with us, to minimize the risks access to the warehouse is temporarily not possible. You must wait at the counter while we pack your materials.

When you are in our store, please take into account the RIVM guidelines to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and to visit our store only if you do not have any health problems.

If you wish to minimize the risks even further, but would like to collect your products, it is also possible to order via the webshop and then collect them at an agreed time. We will then ensure that your materials are already waiting for you in a box!

For your convenience, we have listed the guidelines for a visit at the entrance again.

Installation in the workshop

Although it is of course very interesting to be able to watch when your car is being worked on, this is unfortunately not possible in the near future. You can leave your wishes and key on the counter and we will contact you again as soon as your car has been completed. Also, looking around the workshop at the various other projects that we have is unfortunately not possible in the near future.

When dropping off and picking up your car, it is also important to follow the RIVM guidelines and keep sufficient distance and only do this if you do not have any health problems. In addition to this, you should also keep in mind that no one with health problems has been in your car in the last 24 hours before you park the car here.


By following these advices we try to minimize the risks for you and our staff, we thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

If you have any further questions, we advise you to email to